Remote Employee Onboarding: 12 Best Practices

Healthy onboarding practices such as the ones we listed above are vital if you’d like your new hires to be happy and productive from the get-go. They can make their transition to your company as smooth as possible while increasing your retention rates and improving your bottom line. Don’t hesitate to ask current employees what they did or didn’t like about their first day. This information can give you some valuable insight on how to plan first days going forward. It is important to remember that while both on and off-site employees can form part of the same team, they do not all share the same experience of working for a particular organization.

If your current circumstances will allow it, organizing an in-person gathering of all your new remote workers can address the isolation issue and help create a sense of belonging for them. A remote environment can often feel isolating, and group employee onboarding is a fantastic way to address this issue. This may be especially true if you were starting a new job in the ambiguity of a virtual environment. With Panopto, you can maximize the productivity of your remote workforce and improve the flow of information at scale so your business can be more innovative, agile, and profitable than ever before.

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Research shows that it’s more powerful to have a broad network than a deep network, especially as one becomes increasingly senior in an organization. Particularly when a new leader onboards, the organization should help him or her intentionally build a broad network, starting internally. Some companies set up a “shadow week” in which the new hire attends a wide variety of team and stakeholder group meetings, even those that may feel less directly relevant to that new hire’s core responsibilities. It’s important that this informal mentor be a different person from the person’s manager, so that the new employee feels comfortable asking any question, large or small.

That’s why EQRx, a U.S.-based pharmaceutical company, sends video messages to team members as part of its preboarding program. New hires receive messages from EQRx executives and future colleagues welcoming them to the team. On the employer review site Comparably, 100% of employees say they had a positive onboarding experience at EQRx. It is important to arrange regular video call check-ins with the new remote employees to see how they are doing. In a study conducted, it was revealed that generally speaking, employees with good support in place during their onboarding are 54% more productive.

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WorkBright’s digital onboarding solution removes the headache of new hire paperwork and gets employees ready to work BEFORE their first day. There are so many factors to consider, and new hire paperwork is just a small portion of the process. The paperwork is essential, though, because it ensures you have all the necessary information on file for new employees. Using an onboarding software designed for remote implementation ensures that things are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Many software companies also keep extensive data logs so you can determine if someone accessed something they weren’t supposed to. It isn’t easy to move from traditional onboarding to virtual onboarding.

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This is something that is easy to overlook, yet it is of extreme importance. It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic caused companies worldwide to adjust their day-to-day operations. Whatever types of resources you decide to go with, make sure you also update them regularly. Andy is a technology & marketing leader who has delivered award-winning and world-first experiences. This also has the desirable effect of decreasing the time it takes for them to become proficient at carrying out their new tasks.

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